Applying - An Intro to the Application

Updated March 2018

The Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) is how you are going to apply for your residency in EM.  Collecting all of the information required to complete your application is a time consuming process that you should start as early as possible.  Preferably yesterday.

This is the ERAS website.

Your goal is to submit your completed application as early as possible.  In a competitive application process, right before the deadline (the way we have done everything throughout our careers) is TOO LATE.

Some important dates to know:

  • July 1 - the first date the site opens and you can start uploading documents.  This is also the first date DO applicants can send applications to Osteopathic AOA programs.
  • September 15 - The date that ACGME programs can first receive your application, regardless of when you submitted your application to them.
  • October 1 - Dean's Letters (MSPE) are sent to the residency programs and the application review process begins in earnest.  Many letter writer also use this date as their deadline to submit your SLOE's.

There is no set date when programs start reviewing applications.  Some will start on September 15 and others will wait well into October.  You want to submit everything you have control of to each program you are applying to as early as possible. Just having your application completed and in front of their eyes gives you a competitive advantage over much of the applicant pool.

Each program has a cut-off date after which they will not accept any more applications.  All programs will have given out their interview spots well before this cut-off date.  The best you can hope for is someone else canceling an interview if you get your application completed in November or December. That is not much of a plan.

The application itself has five components, each with its own page:

Want more?

The best resource currently available to guide applicants through the application process are the comprehensive Applying Guide and the accompanying FAQ produced by the joint Medical Student Advising Task Force. The advice in these documents is based on the best evidence and the consensus recommendations of Clerkship Directors and Program Directors in EM:

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