Applying - The ERAS Application

Updated March 2018

The ERAS Application is effectively a Curriculum Vitae.  However, you cannot just upload the CV you have sitting on your desktop.  Instead you will enter all of the information it contains into the ERAS web-form.  

You are at the mercy of your Dean's, the NBME, and your letter writers for getting many of the components of your application submitted.  This is one piece, like the personal statement, that is entirely in your control.  Start collecting this information now so that you can upload it well before program start looking at your application.

What you need to supply

  • Educational experience
  • Work experience
  • Volunteer experience
  • Research experience
  • Publications
  • Honors and awards
  • Personal interests

For most of this information you will need the relevant dates and the degree/job title.  You will also have the opportunity to describe each of your activities and will be asked to give a reason for leaving a position.

In describing what you have done, and when choosing which activities to include, try to think about what a Residency Program Director would be looking for in this information.

Some general tips:

  • Keep descriptions short and to the point.
  • Do not overstuff your CV with "fluff".
  • Non-medical work experience can be really important.  EM in particular is not just about practicing medicine.  Jobs that required leadership, teamwork, or service are all relevant.
  • Volunteer experiences, both medical and non-medical are very important to some PD's.
  • Include all publications and poster/abstract presentations you have done.  Do not include lectures you gave as part of a class or rotation.  If you gave them to an outside audience that is different.
  • Getting "Honors" on a rotation is not what most evaluators have in mind when they think of "honors and awards".  
  • What you list for personal interests is one of your few chances in the application to talk about what kind of person you are outside of medicine.  Everyone wants to seem interesting but be prepared to discuss what you fill in here during your interviews. 
You are going to spend way too much time on your Personal Statement, so you might as well get the ERAS application done fast.  

For more discussion of the ERAS application:

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