Applying - The Dean's Letter and Transcript

Updated March 2018

By the time you get to the actual application process you have very little control of the content of your Dean's Letter (MSPE) and Transcript.

For an application reviewer these documents are useful for comparing the academic performance of students from the same school.  However, there is such great variability in the formatting and grading approach from one school to the next that it can be difficult to extract decisive information.  Thus there is quite a bit of variability in how much value Program Director's find in these documents.  Some will pore over them and look hard at preclinical grades, but most are looking for a few things:
  • The global recommendation and class rank
  • Clinical rotation grades, particularly EM rotations
  • Red Flag's
Knowing the likely content of your Transcript and Dean's Letter can help you and your Advisor gauge how competitive an applicant you are and inform your application strategy.

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