Monday, August 15, 2016

Want a $50 gift card and a risk free chance to practice for interviews?

Consider participating in the AAMC's research project that is a new addition to the application to Emergency Medicine this year – the AAMC is launching a Standardized Video Interview as a pilot for the emergency medicine specialty during the 2016-17 residency recruitment season. Here is the link to the webpage describing the study.
Applying to EM - you are eligible to participate in this research study as part of their ERAS application. Participants will receive a $50 gift card code to Amazon.comHere is a link to the informed consent.
What's the point – This is your chance to answer standard interview questions without any risk to your application. The questions being used are common ones you will encounter during your interviews. Ever dream of getting a look at the questions before the test - well here is your chance. Here are some hints to succeed.
How does it work –  Each applicant will receive 6 questions with 30 seconds to read the question and 3 minutes to answer each - the interview is followed by a brief survey on your experience.  Here is a link with details about what to expect.
Bottom line – While the AMMC hopes that the Standardized Video Interview will be a valuable tool for all specialties in years to come, this is a true pilot and will be assessed as such.  Neither students nor program directors will have access to the videos or get a score. Applicants will need a video enabled device like a smart phone, laptop, or tablet.
This is a good time for you to familiarize yourself to standard interview questions, as well as dusting off that suit, and getting in the mindset of looking for the right fit for residency. This is the AAMC’s toolkit to succeed.

Lucienne Lutfy-Clayton is the Chair of CORD's Student Advising Task Force and an APD at UMASS Baystate Health. She is currently enjoying some away time with her family and wants to come back to see all your amazing applications ready to go.