Thursday, May 26, 2016

CDEM Curriculum - EM Stud and SATF Resources

The Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine (CDEM) is the National Organization representing Undergraduate Medical Education in Emergency Medicine.  CDEM is comprised of medical student educators who are committed to enhancing medical student education.  They have recently revamped their web presence with the fantastic new site.  Any student interested in EM should spend some time poring over this site as it is the single best resource available.  In this post we highlight the tip of that content iceberg. 

Among the resources available are the Student Curricula that give the site its name.  Included are focussed reviews of the major adult and pediatric complaints with an emphasis on what the student needs to know.  A student familiar with all of this material would have a knowledge base that any supervisor would find impressive.  

EM Stud Podcast
There are an amazing number of podcasts out there, but don't you wish there was a podcast for the student interested in EM?  Well it turns out that the EM Stud podcast is what you are looking for.  Started independently by Dr. Nate Lewis (@ERDrN8), it is now the official CDEM podcast for students.  His co-host, Dr. J. Scott Wieters (@EMedCoach), recently recorded an incredibly insightful Match Analysis with Dr. Mike Van Meter.  Just packed with great insights that impact your application.  Previous episodes cover a variety of topics including the dreaded VSAS and How to Run Third Year Like a Boss, among many others. 

Student Advising Resources
The CDEM site also hosts the Advising Resources created by the Council of Residency Directors in EM (CORD-EM) Medical Student Advising Task Force.  This group of Program Directors, Clerkship Directors, Residents and Students collaborate to improve the quality of available student advising and increase the transparency in the EM application process.  Currently available resources you can download from the CDEM site include a comprehensive Guide to Applying to EM, a concise set of Frequently Asked Questions, a Student Planner, and a collection of the best Advising Resources currently available.  

This should keep you busy for a while.  Enjoy!

Adam Kellogg is an Associate Residency Director, former Medical Student Clerkship Director, and the immediate-past Chair of the aforementioned CORD-EM Student Advising Task Force. He wishes that the EM Stud podcast existed when he was a medical student.  Or any podcast for that matter.