Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Application Resources from the CORD SATF

The CORD EM Student Advising Task Force has produced a set of application resources for medical students and those who advise them.  These were created with the input of all the groups who care about quality medical student advising (CORD, CDEM, EMRA, AAEM/RSA).  

You can find these resources on the CDEM Curriculum website, along with a whole bunch of other great resources: 

Included are a comprehensive guide to the application process, a more concise FAQ, a list of the best resources currently available, and a planner to help guide you through the process.  


Adam Kellogg is an Associate Residency Director and a previous Emergency Medicine Clerkship Director.  He was Chair of the CORD EM Student Advising Task Force until very recently. Full disclosure - he served as an editor for these resources. 

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