Thursday, October 23, 2014

#ACEP14 is upon us... "Should I go?"

The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) is the largest EM organization in the United States.  Their largest annual meeting, the Academic Assembly (#ACEP14), starts this weekend.  Thousands of Emergency Physicians, and other acute care providers, from all over the world will be descending on the McCormick Place convention center in Chicago.

As part of this event the Emergency Medicine Resident Association will be hosting a week of events as well.  For students pursuing a career in EM the highlights are the Student Symposium and the Residency Fair, both happening on Sunday, October 26.

If you are in the 2015 match, you can make an argument that there is little value in going to this now as most of the interview offers are out already.  That is a good point.  Many of the Program Director's have already made up their minds about their interview offers and wait lists.

Another viewpoint would be that this is the MOST important Residency Fair to go to for someone in this years match.  Especially if you do not have the 10-12 interviews that correlate with a 99% match rate.  With the increased number of applications that each program is receiving (without an increase in the overall number of applicants), most program directors are expecting to make more use of their "wait list" than ever before.

A nice introduction and conversation with the program leadership staffing the Residency Fair may very well impact your spot on that wait list.

Adam Kellogg is an Associate Residency Director and former Emergency Medicine Clerkship Director.  He is currently training residents he met at the EMRA Residency Fair.  

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