Thursday, January 30, 2014

Learning Resource: Didactics Online

I recently met a student who created a website full of useful educational resources for medical students and others early in their EM careers.  Brandon Parker (@DidacticsOnline) is a soon-to-be EM resident and his site, Didactics Online covers a variety of topics.

The most recent post is on GI Bleeding.  Included on the page are a pdf of slides that are concise and focussed on what you need to know.  Short, sweet, and to the point.

The post before that is on Monitoring the Critically Ill Patient and has both a pdf of the slides as well as the accompanying podcast.

This site is different from a site like Flipped EM Classroom, which is trying to be a repository of all topics in EM.  Instead, Brandon has put together some very accessible dives into a few different topics, many of which are relevant to EM.

Some of the EM oriented topics are:

How to present a patient
Stroke and TIA
Dizziness and Vertigo

Have a look.