Thursday, October 10, 2013

Link: ALiEM Interview Tips

Nikita Joshi (@njoshi8) over at the incomparable Academic Life in Emergency Medicine site recently posted some great tips for the residency interview process.

This is a great list of recommendations.  I would add particular emphasis to "Being interested".  You should have questions ready to go for anyone you talk to.  The benefits are both for you and the program.  You get as much information as possible and impress upon the program how interested you are.  An applicant without any questions is presumed disinterested.  Even if the Residency Director answered every question you had during the "sales pitch", you should still ask about the things that matter to you.  You may even get different answers from a different source.

Another point that deserves a little more emphasis is "Remember that you are interviewing the program as well".  Once you have cleared the hurdle of getting an interview they want to like you.  You have met their academic standards and something about your application drew their attention. No one will sour on you for asking insightful questions.  Ask about the factors that matter most to you, from an educational perspective.  Both sides benefit from you making sure that this is going to be a good fit.

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