Saturday, June 15, 2013

What in the world is FOAM... and where can I get some???

The new education trend sweeping Emergency Medicine is FOAM (Free Open Access Medical-education), also known as #FOAMed.

Offering medical knowledge free to the world is a break from the pay-to-learn model that has existed in medicine (buy a textbook, subscribe to a newsletter, pay for CD's, etc. etc.).  But information wants to be free and educators are finally embracing that it is more satisfying to expose a larger audience to what you have to teach.

Everything a student of Emergency Medicine could want to know is now out there for free. The challenge has become:  how do you find what you want to know.

As a student just getting started in this specialty you are faced with a daunting mountain of resources.  And many of these sites, blogs, and twitter feeds are not targeted to the early EM learner.  So where should you begin?

Well, two of the best sites for students recently posted some great content on getting the most out of this  wonderful new world:
Academic Life in Emergency Medicine 


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