Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Who can I trust...

In my opinion, the greatest challenge facing a medical student who is interested in Emergency Medicine is where to get trustworthy advice on the applying process.

There are numerous sources of information and it is difficult to know what you can trust.

This may sound ridiculous coming from a blog, but the best stuff is probably not available on social media and the internet.

There is no replacement for finding an advisor at your school or affiliated hospital.  Someone you can sit down with, face-to-face, and discuss your situation.  They can give you advice specific to your particular circumstances in a way that a blog like this one cannot.

This is not to say that the web does not provide useful resources.  Just be careful to not trust any single resource.

If you are interested in Emergency Medicine, but do not have any local advisor you can turn to for some personal advice, SAEM (Society for Academic Emergency Medicine) may be able to help with their e-Advising program.  These are Academic Emergency Physicians throughout the United States, willing to provide guidance, particularly on their region.

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