Monday, March 25, 2013


Preparation is the key to success. As you embark on fourth year, this is a great time to do your research, and set yourself up for success by planning your EM clerkship rotations. Here are jumping off points to get you started:

You need one HOME, and one AWAY, between May and September.

For most HOME will be your medical schools academic EM rotation.
Rotate early and get FEEDBACK.

AWAY offers a myriad of options:

 Decide WHAT you want and WHERE you want it.

Location, Location, Location - want to relocate, or try someplace new?
Your away rotation is your chance to try someplace out.

There Is No Place Like Home
Your away rotation is your chance to try a new setting:
If home is urban, try suburban.
           If home is a "community" ED try an "academic", or "county" ED.

Think about your home program’s attributes and look for something different. These rotations will help you learn what you like and dislike. As you interview, you can discriminate what is important for you.

Mirror Mirror - Review a program’s curent and recent residents on their website - look for residents similar to you in interests, experience, and education.  

Like minds, attitudes and interests, tend to flock together. If no one seems like you, it may not be a good fit.

 Dream A Little Dream - Go where you hope to be. 
Your away month is the best interview you will give. 
Consider taking a chance.

 Game Time - On your rotation:  Be prepared.  Be proactive.  Be positive.  
Be willing to change and grow.
Take the feedback you get at home and sail on.

Now that you are thinking, go ahead and read through the full details on the rotation application process and preparation.

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