Friday, February 8, 2013

Rank List Tips

This is the first post from Lucienne Lutfy-Clayton. She is an Attending Emergency Physician and Medical Student Clerkship Director.  With the deadline for certifying your Rank List rapidly approaching, here are her top 3 tips on what really matters. 

1. You Matter First: Rank your programs in order of your preference - Do not try to second guess or read the programs interest.

2.  If You Can't Be Where You Want, Get The Best Experience: If you apply in different areas of the country- start with the area you want to be in.  Once you have listed the programs in your dream area, then you can think about where you will get the best education.  Three or four years are going to go by in a flash.

3. Toss The Spreadsheet: you will develop an incredibly intricate system to differentiate the subtle differences between programs - this is worthwhile for the mental process but in the end you need to make a gut decision. Where did you feel most at home: that is your number 1.

- Lucienne

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